HR TIPS for all HR professionals


Every HR is a backbone of all companies. They always take essential part of their companies.

As my point of view, a) Support is the main part of all Hr professional.It is really very essential.

b) Hr always available to solve the all internal problems of their companies.

c) Appraise your staff regularly An effective appraisal system should allow for realistic, but challenging objectives. There should also be interim reviews to ensure objectives have not changed and to give an opportunity to identify training and development. Consider who is best placed to carry out the reviews – in some cases it may be more appropriate to use a middle manager

d) it also important part of HR role, This is, Create a culture of good leavers Hold exit interviews, particularly for key staff, which will help you identify any problems going forward. The aim is to create a culture of “good leavers”: this is the type of person who will flag up any problems beforehand, tell you about concerns with work, and once they’ve left, will not say negative things about the company.

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