Myths about Job Searching

When searching for a job, applying everywhere possible is hardly a good idea. Employers can spot a generic mass application in seconds and are not impressed. They prefer it much more when an application is specifically catered to their vacant position. It shows that the candidate has spent some time researching about their company and the job role and is keen to demonstrate how well he matches it.

An elaborately designed resume will increase chances of getting  a job

Your resume should be visibly appealing and clearly readable when it is copied, faxed or emailed.  A resume with multiple fonts and designs may stand out in a pile of resumes but not necessarily land you a great job.

Resume should only be a single page document


There is no such rule that the resume should be a single page document. Recruiters spend just a few seconds scanning each resume and if all your employment history, list of skills and educational qualifications is crammed into one page, it may become cumbersome to read. However, it should be concise and easy to read.

If you are of the opinion that writing a cover letter is not important, you should definitely think twice. Also known as a letter of introduction or a letter of application, a cover letter displays your communication skills and enthusiasm and makes a lasting impression on the employer. It should be written specifically for the position that is being applied for and should highlight why you are particularly suitable for that position. The only exception should be when the employer specifies that it is not needed.

The most qualified candidates get the best jobs

This is a common myth prevalent among job seekers. In reality the candidate who can present himself with the right attitude and can build a rapport with the interviewer is much more likely to get selected. However, in spite of having the best credentials if you are a cultural misfit for the company then there is less chance of your getting the job. Obviously, you need to have the skills for the job but being a likeable team player often puts you at a more advantageous position than the best qualified person on paper.

 Registering at several job boards result in multiple interviews

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This is one of the biggest misconceptions that young people have. They believe that if you register and upload your CV in multiple online job boards and send out numerous job applications then you would be getting multiple interview calls. However, most jobs are either filled internally or through referrals. Truth is, recruiters and hiring managers will only call you if are a perfect fit for the open position. If your application fails to show that you definitely won’t get an interview call.

Employers could not care less about your personal history

In this age there is a very thin line demarcating between private and personal life. More than ninety percent of employers these days do a background screening of the online social profiles of candidates before hiring them to ensure that the facts represented in the CV  are not hypothetical. They also check if you have good communication skills. Rather than having a false sense of privacy, you should be careful about maintaining a clean image online so that it does not adversely influence the hiring manager’s decision.

Lower your salary expectations to get hired

In these tough times getting a suitable job is often difficult. Besides if there has been a gap in employment, candidates often resort to desperate measures like accepting a salary which is much lesser than what they deserve. While this may work as a temporary stop gap arrangement, sooner or later you will feel frustrated about getting underpaid and start looking for a better package elsewhere. So instead of lowering your salary expectations to get a job, you should try to convince the recruiter by presenting a genuine reason for the gap.

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