Social Media – Most Important Tool for Recruitment in Modern Times

Nowadays the young generation tends to spend majority of their free time surfing the social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. They are familiar with digital platforms like computers and mobiles and easily adapt new technologies. For targeting these new millennium generations of workers it is imperative to take the help of social media. These youngsters spend a lot of time browsing through their social media accounts chatting with their friends or reading interesting articles or trivia upon their favorite celebrities.

Publish open positions of your company in social media –

1.    Do not post all positions in one go –

Inserting your own advertisement and job position ads in between articles and posts is the perfect way to reach the youth and gain their interest in applying for your job offer. One should refrain from posting all open positions in one post as people tend to overlook lengthy posts. Instead post one job opening at a time so that people go through those openings which suit their profile.

2.  Give link of your company website –

It is always best to provide detailed information about the vacancy. If you can’t give the details in the post, you could provide the website link of your company where they can view all the details of the opening. The probable candidate thus gets all the information he requires as well as learns about your company.

3.    Ask your friends to like and share the post –

This will help in spreading the post among your friends and their contacts. You should also post the opening in different relevant groups to reach out to more and more people. Facebook allows companies and prepaid advertisers to post their content based on people’s profiles, interests and times of the day. One can reach a bigger target audience depending upon the criteria being set and the frequency of the ads.

4.    Ensure that contact details are provided –

Never forget to add the relevant contact information including email addresses and phone numbers in the job post so that the candidates can reach out in case of any query or clarification.

5.    Building brand image –

Candidates nowadays are quite cautious before joining any new organization. They inquire about the company and its culture from relevant sources before deciding to join. In such a scenario, it is best if one can consciously try to build his own company’s brand image to attract the right talent. By posting interesting content, articles, testimonials, etc one can build up the company image.

6.       Making new connections with potential candidates –

One needs to consistently make new connections through social networking sites with people who can be potential candidates and keep interacting them with so that you can be familiar. Senior professionals hesitate to interact with someone who is unfamiliar regarding possible job change. Hence interaction with them increases their willingness to discuss.

7.       Using paid versions of social sites –

These days recruiters often find that most of the job portal databases are exhausted. Thus it is essential to search alternate sources for recruitment. Paid versions of networking sites like LinkedIn are very useful in such cases, especially for senior level positions. However, before going for a long term subscription one can opt for their shorter paid versions and check the usefulness.

8.       Background Checks –

The recruitment team can be trained to effectively screen potential candidates based upon their social profiles. They can check whether the candidates have any professional recommendations, or issues with the law. Thus social media can provide an insight into the who the right candidates are for the opening.

9.       High Speed and Low Charges –

One can set up social media pages very fast and at very low prices. Getting ad revenue from Facebook or Twitter takes quite a while, but once it starts, one will be at a neutral zero when it comes to recruitment advertisement expenses. However, in conclusion we can say that it is essential to adequately manage the content that one share online so that it reaches the right audience and effective recruitment can happen.

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