Tricks in Job Portals to ensure Interview Calls

One may upload his resume in a job portal hoping to get interview calls. However he may get very few interview calls as his resume is not job portal friendly. Thus to increase the number of viewings of his CV and get adequate number of interview calls he needs to know certain useful tricks.

Researching right keyword

Every job is searched by recruitment consultants in job portals using certain keywords for that position. So it is essential to use right keywords in the resume. One should use keywords which are qualification or skill set specific or job specific so that the resume comes on top of the search results of the recruiters. The best way to figure out keywords is to go through job postings in various portals and then shortlist the most commonly used ones. Keep appropriate keywords in your headings and titles as most job portals read these points successfully.


One should avoid over formatting the CV and it is always best to have a simple resume format rather than a complicated one. Avoid using headers or footers, tables, graphics, watermarks, etc  as most parsing software’s find it difficult to read these highly formatted documents. Avoid making spelling mistakes as these reduce the appearance in job search software’s. Also, wrong capitalization or grammar can confuse the software as to where to begin and end a field. Avoid compressed files since these are not easily readable formats. Us either .doc or .PDF format only.

Unique Content and Real Statistics

Try to make the content unique in your resume. Avoid copying from other’s Resumes  as duplicate content means failure in ranking of the CV. Cold hard facts work best in catching the eyes of the recruiter. For example, one should list the number of languages he can write code in or maybe the increased sales he brought in or the annual savings he generated.  Try to include as much real data as possible in your CV.

Regular Updating

The more a resume is updated on a job portal the more it appears on the first page of the search result. Make sure you update you CV at least once in six months with the recent professional accomplishments.  Most people take up new responsibilities or upgrade their skill sets and this should reflect in the CV. Furthermore, your total years of experience changes in six months.

Customize the CV –

One should always avoid sending a generic untailored CV to an employer. It would be helpful to customize your CV with different keywords to suit the requirement of individual job postings. This is applicable to cover letters as well. Employers are interested more in people who are specialized in their field and pursue their passions relentlessly. Your specialized skills should be evident from the keywords in your CV.

Fill in Relevant Fields –

Recruitment consultants search for candidates based on certain specific parameters like Functional Area, Education, Current Salary, Keywords, Skills, Designation, Company Name, etc. So it is evident that the resume can show up in front of the recruiter in multiple ways. Thus it is always best to fill in as much information as possible to increase the chances of your CV getting viewed and shortlisted.

Verify contact details

Last but not the least, hiring managers feel hesitant to contact job seekers who do not verify their phone numbers and email ids. So it is important to keep these details up to date.

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