What Does a Hiring Manager Do?

HR Manager
Recruit, recruiter, hire.

The hiring manager is the employee who requested a new position to be filled. Or, the hiring manager is the person who asks for an employee to fill an open job. The hiring manager is the employee to whom the new employee will report when hired. They are a key member of our employee recruitment team.the hiring manager is the head of the employee selection team.He or she is the employee who works with Human Resources to fill the open position through every step of the organization’s hiring process. 

The hiring manager participates in both the first and second interviews. If the potential employee is at your company location for more than these two meetings, the hiring manager greets the candidate on each visit. 

During this entire recruitment time period, the hiring manager is assisted at each step of the process by Human Resources staff. They screen the initial applications, give the short list to the hiring manager, and assist with the selection of the interview team.

HR schedules interviews, participates in the interviews, both first and second, and assists with the final selection and making the job offer.

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