Corporate HR

HR has traditionally been perceived as a women centric discipline. The evolution of this branch of management can be traced back to the 1900s where HR professional roles were held by women playing a caregiver role, known as welfare secretaries who ensured the safety of mill workers. Till date, it is true that we can see more number of women than men who opt for a career in human resources. Having good communication skills, good PR skills and the ability to empathize with others are key attributes that most women in HR possess. However, nowadays it cannot be a woman oriented role any more as every organization needs a mix of skill sets and attributes, combined with the knowledge of what an organization needs to support and promote its business objectives and promote a good work culture. These days more and more people are taking human resource training and entering the workforce. It is a career that is suitable for anyone depending on what they want out of the job, what their motivation is and what they enjoy about their work. Having mixed gender perspectives and balanced points of views, can only enrich a company.
Some definite characteristics that a successful human resource professional should possess includes the following :
If you are a Man:
• Work on your communication skills and get rid of stage fear. Try to speak effectively and in a way that inspires confidence. Revise your language and grammar skills.
• Try to incorporate discipline in your life. It is indeed great to be organized in day to day life and do everything systematically.
• Improving time management and multitasking skills will help to solidify your position as human resource professional.
• Always stay updated with the latest in the industry news as it will help you make the right decisions.
If you are a Woman:
• Get a grip over your emotions. Do not let them disrupt or influence your professional life.
• Avoid gossip, bias or partiality. These are some traits in women that are harmful for a career in human resource management.
• Practice patience and control your stress levels. Try to analyse your problems so that you do not let your personal problems affect your professional life.
• Be passionate about your work and set targets so that you consistently work to attain your goals.

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