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Should I do MBA first or start working?

After completing graduation, many students who wish to pursue higher education in business management face a dilemma. They are unsure whether to get a job and gather valuable work experience or directly pursue a degree in management.

Studies seem to suggest that the Indian corporate world seems to prefer it if candidates have two to three years of industry experience before taking up the challenge of a management degree. Even recruiters seem to pick candidates who have prior work exposure.

While applying for colleges the weight of one’s cv increases a great deal if you can show work experience and that clearly puts you in a more advantageous position over other candidates. Besides, to gain the skills required to improve your employability it is always better to opt for gaining work experience before going for MBA.

One gathers practical knowledge while working and can relate better with the real life scenarios when he later studies for the management degree. It is always better when one can comprehend the subjects taught in class and work experience makes the job far easier.

Then again, it is easier to choose a major for MBA if one has some work experience. He is more aware of his strengths and weaknesses and can make a wiser career decision.

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