Recruit smarter instead of harder

Recruiters and HR managers are challenged to develop new ways to identify top talent and do so quickly in the modern recruiting game, as the average time to fill a post, continues to climb. 

You are not alone if you are suffering the same difficulties. More than two-thirds of HR professionals say they don't know what they're doing. According to a survey conducted by XpertHr, companies' top worry for the future year is hiring.

Smart recruiting, like many other technological trends in human resource management, is all about using technology to make the hiring process as efficient as possible. There is a plethora of HR solutions available to assist with smarter hiring. We looked at different types of recruiting software in our previous article to see how they may make each stage of the hiring process more efficient and productive.

For example, recruiters spend on average 13 hours per week (almost two working days) to source candidates for one position. When working on several job openings simultaneously, the amount of time spent becomes overwhelming.

The recruiting process is drastically shortened thanks to modern screening, sourcing, and matching technology. For example. According to this hiring solution, clients can expect a 52 percent reduction in time-to-hire.

Applicant tracking systems, AI-powered chatbots, recruitment marketing solutions, video interviewing, and more are all wonderful instances of how technology in HR management makes procedures smarter. All of these solutions aid the HR team by automating the hiring process, saving time spent on prospect screening, and allowing more time for high-value activities.

That's why it's past time to examine your company's recruiting funnel and identify the operations that have yet to be automated. Recruiting bottlenecks, time-consuming sourcing, low quality of hire, and worse ROI will all result from such a gap at any point of the hiring process.

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