Impact Of globalization in HRM

Business today transcends national borders and spans the globe. Human resource managers face new challenges as multinational corporations grow. The HR department must ensure that the right group of folks are available to undertake global assignments in terms of knowledge, skills, and cultural adaptability. Organizations must teach individuals to address the challenges of globalization in order to achieve this goal. Employees must have a working grasp of the host country's language and culture (in terms of values, morality, conventions, and laws).

Human Resource Management (HRM) must establish procedures to facilitate multicultural workers to work together. Employee conflicts will increase if disparities in origin, language, culture, or age become more widespread. HRM would have to teach management how to be more adaptable in their methods. Managers will have to change their ways because tomorrow's workers will be of various colours, nationalities, and so on. This will entail managers being trained to notice and appreciate differences among employees.


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