Cyber Security to Become Even More Important

The pandemic situation has forced much of the work to be on online mode or work from home. According to CRA Business Intelligence, more than three-quarters of respondents (78%) had no more than 20% of their workforce working from home before the pandemic. Afterward, almost all (92%) organizations reported more than 20% of their employees were working from home.

With a scattered workforce, data breaches and security risks associated with the workplace have also increased. Over 74% of organizations attribute recent business-impacting cyber-attacks on remote work tech vulnerabilities. Also, 82% of organizations have increased their cybersecurity budgets, with these funds accounting for up to 15% of total IT spending.

A largely remote workforce brings various security and data breach concerns — malware, social engineering attacks on unsecured and employee-owned devices, and phishing. Organizations are actively trying to improve cloud service security, transform digital roadmap and security technology, and incorporate efficient training programs to combat security threats for safeguarding company assets and data.

Cybersecurity is important to protect much of the data to be protected from theft and damages. A much of sensitive data’s shall be protected by cyber security.

With cyber security company has to no longer bear the fear of any unauthorized users accessing the website since employees are working on work from home model. Cyber security thus protects the end users and the employees as well.  The advancement of technology has left many people vulnerable to cybercriminal activities, such as hacking, data theft and damage, and industrial espionage. Cybercrime rate is increasing; hence, without cyber security, you could lose sensitive information, money, or reputation. Cyber security is as important as the need for technology.



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