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The worldwide workforce is ready to reclaim control of their lives after feeling lonely and isolated for the past year as a result of the pandemic's effects. Employees were given the opportunity to ponder and ask themselves, "What do I really want?"

As they embrace a revitalised feeling of optimism for their future, they're re-evaluating past held beliefs and redefining new priorities. Individuals and employers alike are now asking themselves, "Where do I start?" as a result of changing worker dynamics. HR directors can meet workers where they are and where they want to be as they seek change by creating an experience that employees require and expect. HR directors cannot disregard the Great Resignation as workers seek to make changes. As workers want to make changes in the midst of the Great Resignation, HR directors cannot forget the importance of providing a positive employee experience. Now is the chance to listen to employees and act on their requests for their employer and technology to assist them in their professional development. 

Employee career growth and development must be a major focus for HR and the firms they support, it reveal according to a survey of over 14,000 employees, managers, HR professionals, and C-level executives from 13 countries. In fact, 87 percent of respondents say their organisation should pay greater attention to their employees' needs. Employees are clearly ready for major changes, and our study reveals that this is happening in three important areas. 

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