How much is the sourcing service charge a consultancy can take from the company in company payout option?



The fee structure of recruitment firms differs from company to company.

A standard cost of 8.33 % of the CTC is levied in a normal/planned/organized hiring procedure, and can go up to 20% for a very senior level profile. At the time of empanelment, each corporation determines its fee structure.

Recruitment agencies operate on a number of scales:

For Entry Level: They charge 8.33%

2 to 4 years: They charge 8.33% Normally, it is 8.33%. Some top firms demand 10% of annual CTC.

Some top firms demand 10% of annual CTC.

Mid senior / Managerial: Varies from 8.33 % to 12%

Senior Management : fees varies between 10% and 15%.

Top Management: Depending on the recruitment firm's branding, the fees can range from 20% to 25%. Their services also varies as per their fee structure. No one charge more than fair price. They must be able to demonstrate the necessary abilities.

For example, for a Top Management Level recruitment for Top MNCs, a reputed consultancy firm may guarantee that the client would be able to finalize a candidate from just about 5 to 6 resumes.

In companies where hiring is done in bulk or where agencies are required to provide profiles in a short period of time (sometimes the next day for walk-ins), and where agencies are also required to close a certain number of positions per month (as is the case in a BPO), agencies work according to the slabs.

Which means:

If number of positions closed in a month are between:

1–5 - they will charge 5000

6–10- they will charge 7000



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