A Shift in the Hiring Process


For open positions within the company, it is customary for HR to hire externally. However, according to LinkedIn's Global Talent Trends Report (2020), business executives and HR professionals are discovering that there are advantages to hiring internally, including the following:

→ Improving employee retention
→ Enhancing new hire productivity, and
→ Accelerating the overall hiring process

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that a change in the employment process is on the horizon given the difficulties that hiring and onboarding have faced since the start of the pandemic as remote working has become more prevalent.

Over the past two years, HR leaders have started looking to current employees for upskilling and promotions as a solution to the restriction of only meeting potential candidates in person. This has led to the development of high internal mobility companies that encourage employees to stay for twice as long as they would in a lower mobility organisation.

However, internal recruiting also helps HR teams reduce hiring expenses by employing the suitable individuals who are already in their talent pool. This is not to argue that HR teams should avoid hiring outside because it's crucial to put the right people in the right positions.



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