Employees Seek Companies Whose Values Match Their Own

Eight out of ten employees feel it is crucial for their company's values to coincide with their own. It's uncovered by Blue Beyond and Future Workplace Consulting’s research, which was conducted among a sample of 753 business leaders, HR leaders, and knowledge workers for Closing the Employee Expectations Gap. However, there is a huge gap that exists between knowledge workers and company leaders, which we refer to as the Employee Expectation Gap.


These findings are highly significant because 75% of employees claim they anticipate their employer and business in general to play a constructive role in society. The rate rises to 80% for people under the age of 45. Furthermore, our research revealed that only one in four knowledge workers are likely to accept a position with a company whose values do not match with their own, and that more than half of knowledge workers said they would quit their job if their employer's values did not meet with their own.


Leaders can begin to address this employee expectation gap by establishing ongoing dialogue with staff members and pledging to provide more friendly working conditions for all staff members, regardless of where they are employed.



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