When is the last date for PF filing?


Applicable for all entities in India having more than 20 employees.

Due date of Monthly PF filing:

Must deposit a total of 12% or 10%(as applicable) of the employee's wages as PF on or before the 15th(due date) of every month.

Due date of PF returns filing:

Must be filed by all entities, registered under the Provident Fund, before the 25th(due date) of each month. A final PF return is due on the 25th of April for the year ending on 31st March.

New Updates:

1. EPFO has decided to withdraw the grace period of 5days to remit the PF deposit in case of any delay or holidays.

2. Remittances made under such circumstances as public/bank holiday will be treated as a normal payment, and will not incur penal damages.

Penalty for delayed payment:

       Delay & Penalty 

Up to 2 months: 5% per annum

2 months to 4 months: 10% per annum

4 months to 6 months: 15% per annum

Exceeding 6 months: 25% per annum 

(It may correspondingly go up to 100%)

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