How Mr HR plans to implement Open Salary Policy :

Mr. HR wakes up one morning and thinks of proposing an “out of the box” idea at today's CXO meeting.

Since the word 'transparency' has been doing the rounds lately, he thinks let's hit the sweet spot. The most pertinent issue. 

The topic that makes an impact. With a full suit up, the People’s officer waits for his chance and when it  arrives,

he gently reveals the scheme to hold onto the employees: “Boss, 

we are going to have an Open Salary Policy” -a setting where people in the organization can see each other's salaries.

After explaining the pros and cons of the radical step, HR faces the realpolitik questions: Should we reveal salaries of all departments and employees or only some specific functions? 

What should be the ideal way of rolling out the practice - should we open it to the outside world or restrict it to only our own employees? 

And what about the impact on our large workforce?


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