What is Job Analysis?


Job analysis is all about collecting detailed information about a specific job, where it records the information related to the task that must be involved, exact role and responsibilities, skills, and expertise required to complete the task/work and processes to create a valid job description.


Job Position

Job Description

Job Worth


Job Analysis may be conducted by the employer's Human Resources department or by a trained Job Analyst/Consultant.


Job analysis should be conducted as a first step in the recruitment process. Writing an analysis helps you to clarify your needs and expectations. It also collects the information you will need to write a job description


Employee turnover is a severe problem in most industries.

Turnover is harmful because it causes serious inconveniences, high costs, wastage of trained workforce, reduces morale and motivation. This mismatch has arisen because the actual work has not been properly defined, designed, and disclosed.

This leads to the concept of job analysis.


1. Decide how we will use the information.

2. Review relevant background information.

3. Select representative positions.

4. Analyze the job.

5. Verify the job analysis information.

6. Develop a job description and job specification.

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