What is a boomerang employee?


A boomerang employee is an employee who previously worked for an organization and then returns to work for the same organization at a later date.


Boomerang employees are hired-

The recruiting process for boomerang employees is shorter and less expensive as compared to fresh hires. They are already familiar with the work culture, and their colleagues, transitioning back to work is more seamless.

Rehiring old employees can be valuable in building a strong work culture

as it sends a message to the existing employees that the organization that they are working in is worth returning to and hence boosts the overall retention rate.


Ideally, a period of 6 months to 1 year from the day the former employee left the organization is considered best to approach them with a fresh job offer.


The best boomerang employees are those who leave the organization on good terms, be it for personal reasons such as some unavoidable family requirements, or to gain additional experience by exploring other industries and progressing in their careers. Employees who leave for the latter reason can provide additional value for the company if they are rehired.


To Encourage Return

When an employee leaves, encourage a return by letting them know they're welcome to come back to the organization. Employers should invest time in maintaining a healthy relationship with their employees (both current and previous).

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