What - if my manager misbehaved with me ?

There are a number of reasons can be for the misbehavior of Managers. If you can find out the reason, you will be able to tackle the situation easily. Following are some solutions as per the reason.

Keep your boss posted:

If the problem is because of work and your boss may be a dictator or a delegate, each boss should try to be updated on the progress of work. So keep updated with awareness of all aspects of work.

Find the root cause:

Always try to find the main reason for such an attitude rather than whining over a bad boss and his attitude towards you. Find out if he reacts the same way with all his subordinates, or only with you. Sometimes the boss is not aware of this attitude and the problems it causes you. At that time, openly discussing the problem with the boss may be the easiest solution.

Every boss values a loyal subordinate: It is important to be faithful to your boss. No matter how he handles his work, it is a bad idea to bad-mouth him to everybody. Chances are somebody will tell him about your antics, creating more trouble for you.

Meet your boss outside the office:

If you feel your boss never listens to your problems or ideas, try to take him/her out for a coffee/drink. Many people have a very different attitude when they are at work and very different once in a casual environment. This extra effort of taking out time for work-related issues will surely put you in your boss' good books.

Reach out to the authority: After all the effort, if you feel your boss is not changing his attitude and behavior towards you, try reaching out to his superior or even the HR department might help you out but talking about the problem to people junior to him will not help.

Quit :


If all these ways fail, then it is good to blame it on luck. Maybe the job is not meant for you; the best thing to do under these circumstances is to get transferred to another department. If that is not a possibility, then put in your papers and walk away. As nothing is worth your self-respect

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