Hybrid Offices

In June 2020, Gartner conducted a survey among 127 companies to find out their plans towards post-COVID workplaces. The survey revealed that 47% of companies will allow their employees to work remotely even after the pandemics. Other companies (43% of respondents) will introduce flexible days, so employees can choose between remote or on-site work.

That’s how we’re approaching the era of hybrid offices (or workplaces). A hybrid office is one of the hottest HR trends in 2022 that offers a versatile approach to organizing a workplace:

Partially remote implies some of part of the workforce working remotely and another one works on-site. It’s a typical scenario for companies that can’t move some of their processes to the remote due to security or hardware limitations.

Flexible remote hours or days, so employees can manage their workflows and work some of the time out of the office.

A coworking-like organization of the office where employees don’t have a dedicated desk or a workplace. They book the workspaces in advance once they decide to work on-site.

Companies are massively rethinking their real estate strategy, refusing long-term office rents and investing in spaces that’ll function as headquarters and premier locations.

Hubspot, a sales and marketing software vendor, has offered three options to their employees: @home, @office, and @flex. From January 2021, employees can choose whether they want to work from home most of their time, go to the office three or more days per week, or have a mixed workflow. With this initiative, Hubspot will reinforce its remote-friendly strategy and improve its employee wellbeing.

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Source: hrforecast.com

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