Selection and Recruitment is the key HR function, and it is often necessary to maintain at least a small database of all the candidates who have been invited in past interviews. The information may be considered as a part of HR MIS and may be maintained by the HR department along with other HR MIS such as employee information, transfers, training, etc.


This Recruitment MIS includes all the candidates after the preliminary scrutiny is over. When the candidates go through different stages of the interview, the MIS also captures all their interview results. 


Maintaining this information not only helps the HR manager but also helps another senior manager to find the shortlisted candidates quickly from the database.

Contains & Accessibilities:

Hence this MIS data contains confidential information such as Negotiation in Salary etc. Access to this data should be restricted only to a few senior managers. The MIS administrator may assign read/ write access to different data/ reports based on the role and responsibilities of the manager in the organization.

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