Retain Talents as a biggest Challenges

As we all know pandemics taught us how crucial is the transformation of everything to digital. Nowadays in this competitive market developing the skills of existing employees and retaining them is one of the biggest challenges for the companies as well as for the HRD. Specifically in the case of IT companies refreshing the talents and strengthening the existing teams through continuous training and development is very much important.

Though more jobs are now converted to remote work, in future jobs and roles will be designed to being completely remote work or flexibility mode as per demand.

Remote job and flexibility mode can help to hire easily and retain a diverse workforce. It may help the recruiter to expand the talent pool and can hire the best quality and deserving people.

At the same time, it will be the biggest challenge for the companies and HR departments to retain existing talents distributed geographically because of the expansion of the job market. Only by implementing new innovative KPI-based productivity and performance tracking systems with a focus on long-term goals and development, a positive mindset can be a single way to retain your talents and choose future leaders out of them.

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