How much paid leave can be availed as maternity benifits?

According to the Maternity Benefit Act, female employees are entitled to a maximum of 26 weeks paid maternity leave and for a period extending up to a maximum of 8 weeks before the expected delivery date and the remaining time can be availed after childbirth.

A female employee can avail 26 weeks of leave in case of first and 2nd children only, after that she can avail up to 12 weeks of paid maternity leave.


In case of adoption and commissioning mother, women employees can avail up to 12 weeks of maternity leave. The leave period will be counted from the day of the child's handover to the mother.


In case of miscarriage, a woman shall, on the production of such proof as may be prescribed, be entitled to leave with wages at the rate of maternity benefit for a period of six weeks immediately following the day of her miscarriage.

Child Death:

Where a woman, having been delivered of a child dies during her delivery or during the period of six weeks immediately following the date of her delivery, leaving behind, in either case, the child, the employee shall be liable for the maternity benefit for the entire period of six weeks immediately.

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