Best HR Training Institute In Kolkata

Best HR Training Institute in Kolkata: The Best Places to Learn HR Skills

The human resource department of any company plays an important role in determining the success or failure of the company. A well-trained, experienced, and certified human resource manager can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your workforce and therefore on your business’s bottom line.

What should you look for in the HR Training Institute in Kolkata? What are the best places to get these skills? Let’s explore these topics on the best HR training institute in Kolkata & human resource course in Kolkata together.

8 Key learning points from this best HR training institute in Kolkata

#1: Organizational Development

After identifying training needs, it is necessary to draw up a plan of action. The most appropriate approach would be coaching and mentoring as these two methods of development are effective at reducing employee turnover and increasing productivity.

Coaching involves one-on-one sessions with your employees wherein you provide them with practical solutions for resolving issues that come up, all of these you can get from the best HR Training institute in Kolkata.

On the other hand, mentoring involves advising employees on broader career issues. Both methods of organizational development should be implemented from your first day on the job.

#2: Leadership skills

When you need to learn how to become a better leader, start by learning what makes a great leader. Then practice these skills. When your leadership skills are strong, you’ll easily be able to motivate your team members and inspire them toward success.

#3: Recruitment and selection

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to hire wisely. To do so, you need expert tips on how to screen candidates and decide who’s right for your company. A number of HR training courses and HR Training institute in Kolkata focus on screening and interviewing techniques, as well as on how to best conduct an interview.

#4: Employee engagement

According to Statista, only 30% of employees are engaged at work. This means that two-thirds of workers aren’t fully committed to their jobs or their employers.

Low engagement can lead to negative consequences on a company’s bottom line by decreasing productivity and increasing rates of absence and tardiness. If you want your business to grow and flourish, your employees need to be more engaged.

#5: Employee benefits

Human resources professionals are tasked with managing a large number of employee benefits, including insurance and retirement plans. And while employee benefits aren’t usually considered exciting or fun, they are important.

One benefit that is frequently overlooked is a paid time off (PTO) program, especially if your company doesn’t offer it. Make sure your employees can take time off when they need it.

#6: Employment law

Whatever your organizational structure, employment law applies. In some ways, it’s less complicated if you have fewer than five employees; and conversely, more complex if you have many employees.

Most notably, legal requirements vary depending on whether your organization is defined as small or large by state and federal regulations.

#7: Compensation & benefits practices

An employer may offer an employee several benefits. These include insurance, retirement plans, and other perks. When these factors are considered as a group, they are referred to as total compensation.

Regardless of how you want your pay or perks to being described, it is important that your practices do not discriminate against employees on any basis protected by law.

#8: Communication skills

Communication is essential in any job, especially if you’re on a team. It is not just how we communicate with others but also how others are able to communicate with us that is important. These communication skills include active listening, giving feedback and providing constructive criticism, expressing empathy, and providing emotional support.

When dealing with employees or team members at work, it helps if you can combine both verbal and non-verbal communication skills along with good business etiquette.

Overview of the best HR training institute in Kolkata

For many managers, the HR strategy is key to their long-term professional success. The program can give you a better understanding of company policy and establish you as a leader who excels at creating environments that attract and retain top talent. A graduate degree will likely qualify you for state or national certification, so it’s up to you which you choose.

Our top recommendation and why we recommend it:

1.   Professional Diploma in Generalist HR Management

For individuals with busy schedules looking to break into the Human Resources industry, the Professional Diploma provides everything you need to know in only a few hours.

2.   Diploma in Generalist HR Management  

The HR Diploma Program is geared toward training people to take on the demands of a variety of roles in the field of human resources management.

3.   Executive Diploma in Generalist HR Management

Get an Advanced HR Diploma with Human Resource Management course content, in order to expand your horizons and become a better manager in this area.

4.   Strategic Diploma in Generalist HR Management

A generalist HR course with professional certification is necessary for all HR professionals if we wish to ascend into top-tier HR specialists.

5.   Certification in Recruitment & Sourcing

A Human Resources degree which includes a discussion of recruitment and selection as well as relevant Human Resources issues.

6.   Certification in Payroll Management

A lesson on how payroll works, with material about how to optimize profits and the requirements for payment.

7.   Certification in Statutory Compliances

Understand the fundamentals of HR law, labor law, and industrial relations, as well as how those rules apply to an organization and to the workforce.

8.   Certification in HR Analytics & HR Metrics

This HR analytics course focuses on analyzing HR metrics, and decision science, and providing a clearer look at the business’ goals.

9.   Certification HR Audit Management

The purpose of HR audit training is to show what an organization’s performance is going to be like after assessing HR metrics and HR processes.

Who should take this course?

If you are an HR manager, HR employee, or an HR student, who wishes to increase their HR skills and abilities, then Human Resource Management training is the course for you and you can join the best HR training institute in Kolkata.

With this course, you will be provided with practical skills, information, and hands-on experience in order to maximize your ability to carry out your job.

How long will it take to complete?

The duration of the Human Resource Management course will vary depending on your experience and background. After you have completed your examinations, you will be awarded a certificate. This certificate is typically recognized by employers as a demonstration of having undergone professional training.

Most people finish a course within 3-4 months of studying part-time. Nonetheless, if you want to spend more time or complete it faster, there are courses that allow you to advance your progress quicker or extend your course for an additional cost.

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