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Best HR Management Courses

Classroom, HR Courses, HR Certififation Training & HR Diploma in Kolkata & Bhubaneswar, by HR Spot

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Should you opt for any course of HR? Should you go for Classroom or Online HR Practical Training? Which one is the best HR training Institute? Which HR Diploma is best for you? Find out all answers.

Why HR Certification?

HR certification with either classroom or online HR practical training is probably the only way to get into HR career post pandemic era. Now the companies in Kolkata & Bhubaneswar are mostly looking for hands-on knowledge on acquired through HR functional training courses.

As per India Skill Report (The Indian Express) 2021, more than half of Indian graduates are employable because of lack of practical skill. Only 46.59 percent of MBA in India are eligible for any job and rest and not as mentioned in India Skill Report 2021. Exactly at this point HR Practical training is a must for every pass-out to enhance their practical HR skills.

The HR Certification and Diploma in HR, offered by HR Spot, in Kolkata & Bhubaneswar, in the field of HR Management is a must to attend course in HR for Human Resource professionals to gain practical experience in the industry. Professional HR Courses will help you to upgrade your skills according to the need of the latest HR trends and technology.

These HR Diploma & certification courses help the HR professionals of Kolkata & Bhubaneswar of every level from fresh graduates to working professionals looking to move verticals within the HR field. These HR Generalist training in Kolkata & Bhubaneswar programs offer 100% HR practical training with industrial exposure and hands-on approach, to make the students industry ready, for any HR jobs.

Placement after HR Training

Above all 100% written placement guaranty for Strategic Diploma in HR Management ensures the guaranty for HR Jobs in Kolkata & Bhubaneswar for all our students, even before the HR training starts. We have already offered 9000+ HR jobs to our students.

Our job oriented HR training courses prepares you to fit yourself in any job role under HR Management. We have 350+ corporates tied up to offer placement for HR jobs.

  • 100

    % Placement Record
  • 25

    + Yrs. HR Experience

Checklist - HR Courses

Check the below points before choosing any HR Certification Course in Kolkata & Bhubaneswar

Practical Approach

The HR Institute must follow 70:20:10 model of HR practical training, in both classroom or online mode.

Unlimited Class

Must allow to attend unlimited session to ensure complete HR learning experience

Money Back Option

The HR Training Institute must offer 15 days money back guaranty, if not liked the quality

Trainer's Profile

Trainer must be an HR Professionals with years of proven HR job experience track record

Course Fees

Course fees can't be very low, as quality comes with a cost. Cheap product has cheap quality.

Placement Record

Verbal promise has no value; Must offer placement guaranty for HR jobs with written proof.

Why our HR Training Courses?

HR Spot, the award winning best HR institute in Kolkata & Bhubaneswar has been awarded as "Best Skill Learning Institute" by Zee Business.

Global Accreditation, Authorisation & Awards
  • Registered under MCA, MSME, Govt of India
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Trademark Registered under DPIIT, Govt of India (3757157)
  • Accredited by UK-Merit & European Assessment Council under HR Management Service
  • Only HR Training institute of Kolkata & Bhubaneswar with 10+ prestigious HR Management awards
World class Quality & Support
  • HR Experience of 25 years
  • Unlimited Classes, Student Portal, Certificate of Qualification
  • 100% written placement guaranty proof for course like Strategic Diploma in HR
  • Course Materials, Case Studies, Presentations, Class Recording
  • Classroom & Online HR Practical Training model (Hybrid option available)
Utsab Roy, Head of Training of HR Spot, the top HR Certification Institute

Who Is Utsab?

Utsab Roy is the Director of Interactive HR Spot Private Limited, one of the Best HR Training Institute in Kolkata & Bhubaneswar, and award winning Human Resource Professional, Trainer with more than 26 years of experience in Human Capital Management.

He is passionate about enabling individuals to unlease their true potentoal as HR professional through this HR Management Training Institute in Kolkata & Bhubaneswar. A powerful presenter with vast cross functional expertise in multiple industries and being into Guest Lectureship in multiple HR management institutes across the country.


Please visit Utsab's linkedin profile for more details.

Ask Him Any Question

Download Brochure

Download brochure for HR Certification Training in Kolkata & Bhubaneswar at, HR Spot, one of the best HR training institute in Kolkata & Bhubaneswar, offers varieties of HR certification courses with 100% guarranted HR placement.

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100% Future proof HR career in Kolkata & Bhubaneswar

With our global acreditation, HR Spot HR Certification Programs in Kolkata & Bhubaneswar offer an amazing opportunity to showcase your HR skill human. Completing a HR Certification Training or Diploma in HR Management Training from HR Spot, the undoubtedly best HR Training Institute in Kolkata & Bhubaneswar means, 100% secured HR Job.

Popular Generalist HR Courses & HR Training at Kolkata & Bhubaneswar
  • Certification in HR Management
  • Diploma in HR Management
  • Executive Diploma in HR Management
  • Strategic Diploma in HR Management
Populer Single module HR Courses in Kolkata & Bhubaneswar
  • Payroll Management
  • Statutory Compliance

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