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HR Analytics is the primary metric for human capital management in the HR function. HR analytics improves staff productivity and performance. HR Analytics data enables a business to distinguish between lucrative and non-profitable investments, allowing it to work more effectively in the future.

The field of human capital management has evolved from traditional recruitment practices to a focus on employee development and engagement. With a plethora of tools and techniques, organizations are now able to manage their workforce more efficiently.

In order to be successful in this competitive environment, businesses need to understand how their employees feel about their work environment and what factors impact their performance. This data can be used to inform decisions on recruitment, compensation, training and other factors that directly impact profitability.

The need for HR Analytics is growing as companies realize how much they can gain by using data to make decisions. With a better understanding of their employees’ skills and personality traits, businesses can maximize the return on their investment in training and development while also focusing on areas where they need improvement.

HR Analytics is also essential for organizations that want to recruit top talent, retain key employees and help them achieve their career goals. It lets you track employee engagement levels and identify areas of high stress or low morale so that appropriate action can be taken to address those problems. This can help keep your employees happy and productive at work.

Furthermore HR analytics can help you determine how much time an employee spends on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter so that you can better monitor their online activity without interfering with their job performance.

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  • Overview of Analytics
  • The Evolution - Journey of Analytics
  • The importance of Analytics
  • Analytical Problem Solving
  • Measurement oriented Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics
  • The World of Human Resource
  • HR Analytics - The New Buzz Word
  • Key objectives of HR Analytics
  • Understand the characteristics of HR analytics
  • Moving from Operational Reporting to Predictive Analytics
  • Discovering the Key HR Processes
  • Classifying HR Data
  • Metrics in critical areas of HR
  • The People Analytics cycle
  • Major challenges in HR analytics
  • Different Levels of Reporting
  • Align HR Metrics with overall organizational strategies
  • Understanding of Recruitment Matrix
  • Identification of Data Sources
  • Collect initial Data
  • Data Verification
  • Preparing the Management Information System
  • Demonstrating the Recruitment Matrix Analysis
  • Analysing Recruitment Funnel
  • Analysing Recruitment Cost
  • Fill-up ratio, Time to Hire, Cost per hire
  • Channel Efficiency Mix
  • Offer reject and renege, Fulfilment ratio
  • Understanding of Talent Retention Metrics
  • Identification of Data Sources
  • Collect initial Data
  • Data Verification
  • Preparing the Management Information System for Attrition Management
  • Demonstrating the Analytical Attrition
  • Talent Retention Metrics & Retention Matrix Analysis
  • Identification of Data Sources
  • Collect initial Data
  • Data Verification
  • KPI Dashboard Analysis
  • HR KPI Scorecard Analysis
  • Predicting the Appraisal on Performance
  • Performance Scorecard
  • Designing HR Balanced Scorecard
  • Predicting the HR Cost
  • Predicting Cost for Future Planning
  • Demonstrating the HR Cost Prediction
  • Operating cost per employee
  • HR cost per employee
  • Human Resource Auditing as a Tool of Human Resource Valuation
  • Recruitment and Selection Process Audit
  • Employee Administration Process Audit
  • HR Operation Audit
  • Statutory Compliance audit
  • HR Audit measure
  • Percent of the Employee Trained
  • Training hours and cost per employee
  • ROI calculation
  • Training Need Analysis
  • GAP Analysis
  • What is Statistical Tools
  • Importance of Statistical Tools
  • Different Types of Statistical Tools
  • Power BI Tools
  • Power BI Tool - How to Use

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HR Spot, one of the best HR training institute in Kolkata & Bhubaneswar, offers varieties of HR certification courses with 100% guarranted HR placement.

HR Spot offers different types of HR certification courses suitable for different stages of HR career.

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You may also call at +91-8335-844-414 for course fees structure or you can request for a call back to discuss more about the courses.

Our course fees starts from Rs.5000 and depends on the course you want to enroll for. You may also call at +91-8335-844-414 for course fees structure or you can request for a call back to discuss more about the course fees. And last but not least you can also visit our course pricing page to get brief overview of the course fees with syllabus breakdown and comparisons per course.

Yes. Once you enrol for the training you will be given the access of our dedicated student portal, where you will find all course materials, case studies, course presentation, class video, class recording, PDF materials etc. which has life time access from your laptop or mobile.

We do not believe in theoretical training. We follow 70:20:10 model of training model. The student will learn maximum of

  • 10% from course materials
  • 20% from attending live training session
  • Most of 80% of the learning will be obtained from challenging assignment and practical sessions

Each of our session followed by rigorous practice and lab session, with assignment, real life case studies and homework, that ensures the best learning and adopting for our students. Our training program has been designed, to ensure the execution in workplace by our students, independently.

We have multiple empaneled experienced HR professionals both full time and visiting to conduct the classes. All of them are vastly experienced professionals in Human Resource Domain from different industries.

You may see the profile of our principal trainer & course designer.

HR Spot has a whopping track record of 142% placement as on 2021. We offer multiple placements to our students, multiple times, over the period of 5 years, without any extra charges.

We have placed more than 9000 students in HR domain after completion of our training across the country ate different locations.

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Yes. HR spot offers placement assistance with written proof, for Strategic Human Resource Management (SDHRM) course, Advanced HR Leadership Program and more.

HR Spot is tied up with more than 350+ corporate companies across the country, for the placement of our students. The list is growing every day. To explore more about our place guidelines, highlights, companies & more visit our placement list section

For Diploma courses we offer 3 and for Executive Diploma we offer 5 qualified and eligible placement options. See course details.

We do not provide any placement for any single module and for Certified HR Management Professional (CHMP)

You may call at +91-8335-844-414 for more details about placement guaranty or you can request for a call back to discuss about the placement option.

Utsab Roy, Head of Training of HR Spot, HR Management training
Utsab Roy Choudhury

Utsab Roy is the Director of Interactive HR Spot Private Limited and award winning Human Resource Professional, Trainer with more than 26 years of experience in Human Capital Management.

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    This is Hridhi Sengupta, and I have done my Diploma from HR Spot. The faculties are very friendly which I like most. It is a very good institute for those who are looking for build their future in IT industry as an HR. We all know being a fresher, how hard it is to get a job in your desired field. The course from HR Spot helped a lot to crack the interviews and get my 1st job immediately after the course.

  • Ritesh, Testimonial for HR Training, student of HR Spot Bhubaneswar

    My name is Ritesh. I am from Jharkhand. I did the certification in HR management course from HR Spot. The experience has been wonderful. The content quality is nice as well as the faculty is experienced. Overall the management is nice and understanding.

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