Check Your Resume Score

Resume Score Checker is a handy tool where you can get feedback on how professional your resume is. It gives instant feedback on a resume’s originality, formality, level of industry-specific language, and visual impact. In its latest version, it also has assessment tools that give tips to make the resume more reader-friendly. The job seeker fills in the information requested on their profile and gets custom report of what changes are needed to make their human-recognized strengths shine.

What is Resume Quality Checker

In most basic terms, a resume checker is an online tool that may assist you in finding the answers to questions such, "Is my resume good?" and "How can I improve my resume?" A resume checker may review your resume for errors, grade it using a variety of criteria, and determine your resume score.

Additionally, this free resume score checker compares yours automatically to sample resumes that have been successful in our database and provides you with personalized advice on how to address any errors it finds.

Your resume is scored using our free AI-powered hiring manager and HR recruiter-specific criteria. Discover the practical ways to improve your Resume and score more interviews.

Our resume score checker employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to evaluate your resume on 20+ resume checks that hiring managers and recruiters take seriously, going beyond simple spell checking. The platform specifically examines the impact of your resume by assessing the power of your word choice and also looks at the format and brevity of your resume.

In about 5 minutes, our quick and free resume score checker will provide the response!

Make sure the appropriate things about your resume stand out!

Find out your resume score, and see how you compare.

Our resume score checker compares your resume to others from our database that were prepared by job candidates who were recruited at the most prestigious organizations in the world.

  • Compare your resume score to the industry standard.
  • Obtain a thorough assessment of your resume.
  • Personalize your CV improvement tips

With just one click, improve your resume score quality

  • You may easily strengthen your resume and its overall strength by using the suggested resume rewriting tips that are provided with each resume metric.
  • Easily accept changes suggested by others with one click
  • Customized resume advice
  • Boost your resume score to land a job more quickly and improve your employability score.

Elimination of embarrassing typos and errors

By improving your design and writing stronger content, you can more persuasively market yourself.

Elimination of visual errors

Is your resume physically ugly or too crowded? Based on your work title, Resume Score Checker scans your resume for design problems and suggests a more appropriate template.

Get rid of inconsistencies

  • Utilization of cliches and common phrases
  • Just a few minutes after sending the email, you discovered a glaring word repeat in your CV.
  • The purpose of Resume Score Checker is to identify and draw attention to the common verbs, phrases, and phrases that we programmatically use when we run out of ideas.

Filler, frail, or unclear language

  • Words like "many," "many," "little," "a lot of," and their synonyms detract from your resume's quality because they don't fully convey your influence.
  • Aiming to address non-performance-oriented experience, Resume Score Checker cautions you to include an actionable result, preferably with a number or metric accomplished.
  • We are aware of how challenging it can be to distill your experiences into clear, short sentences.

For this reason, we also provide you with specially chosen metrics and resume lines that have been applied by the best candidates. These can serve as examples for you when you create your resume.

Can any HR certification help?

Find out how to enhance your HR skills to stay ahead of others and to take your career to the next level.

What's next: Benefits after getting a resume score

For a small fee, our expert resume writers can assist you in implementing these suggestions to create a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile that exactly matches what employers are searching for.

Similar to how it grades each bullet point on your resume score, this tool also scans them for important components including inconsistencies, length, word choice, filler words, keywords, and buzzwords.

Compared to most supposedly "professional" resume reviewers out today, who frequently offer out-of-date, incorrect, or ineffective advice and charge hundreds of dollars, our online resume score checker offers better feedback on resumes.

We analyze and benchmark your resume using artificial intelligence to produce a complete review and score based on important evaluation factors like Impact, Brevity, and Style. Our standards are based on important considerations for Human Resource Management of Hiring Trainers.

Improve your resume score and your chances of landing an interview by incorporating our recommendations.

Being impactful and not being ambiguous are two of the most common pieces of terrible, useless advice found online (how ironic). Only when these are stated in the context of your resume can they become useful.

Our resume score checker, unlike any other tool, finds weaknesses in your resume and provides you with a full assessment of it. This assessment includes specific suggestions on how to enhance your resume, supported by information from recruiters and samples from other applicants.

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