Simplest way to get a HR job for fresher or experienced; even from other domain

What is HR

Every business with employees and workers must have human resources responsibilities. Hiring, Insurance, payroll, time off and other benefits must be provided to the staff as per HR policy. Company policies and standards have to be clearly outlined drafted by HR department. All along with all these, there are numerous employment laws of the country to be complied with by the HR team.

99% of the company has an HR department. While some may consist of only a few HR professionals, others may have a large HR department. Whatever the situation is, most companies have HR professionals on staff or outsource to an HR provider to provide standard HR support for the company and its employees.

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Why HR is such a lovable job

Being human resources (HR) professional is a career people aspire to be into for many reasons. The most important reason is the career path, because it has the reputation of leadership, authority and prestige.

HR professionals are responsible to provide employees with a good, safe and motivating workplace and help the organization run smoothly and profitably. There are few who want jobs in HR because they feel they feel they are positions that will always be there and offer good career growth with tremendous job satisfaction.

Position of influence and authority

Human resources professionals have the unique opportunity in any business or organization. This is the only department who has the authority to hire or fire any employee in the organisation. They are often influenceror decision maker for the good of the business and their people.

Stable career

Irrespective of industry, there was, is and will always be a need for HR professionals who can manage the hiring, onboarding and retention of employees. Technology will never become the substitute the interpersonal responsibilities of an HR professionals, making it the best career choice that will last long.

Make a difference

HR is responsible for organisationculture and managing the most valuable and important business asset, human resource. Working in HR can help shapingup the employee work experience and help to create ahappy and motivating organisational culture.

Challenging, Managerial & Strategic

Searching, finding, hiring, and retaining top talent is a challenging activity. This job requires managing new expectations of employee and deciding on different strategic function.

Free Demo of our HR Training

Interact with HR professionals with years of experience & find out the best Classroom, HR training in any city in India, that best suited for your career.

Endlessly interesting

HR job combines different attributes to create values, with a combination of academics and skills on one side and psychology, behavioural pattern study and finance on the other. Each day brings in new exciting activities, jobs, and people to deal with.

Promises growth

There is opportunity of endless learning and growth, along high job satisfaction, depending on one’s knowledge and specialisation.

Education needed for an HR career

Whom will you hire as your driver?

Candidate 1: Having “Degree in Car Driving”, but no practical experience or exposure

Candidate 2: Not having any degree but have on road practical experience and exposure of car driving

Corporate nowadays prefers to do the same.


The only way to get a HR job is to earn a bachelor’s degree in human resources or MBA. These programs cover theoretical part of the profession and will help you learn if you want to be a generalist HR. Most of th people think that getting just a human resources degree o MBA is the most direct and best way to get an entry-level position right out of college.

Degree vs Skill

Some important facts

46.2% of Graduates are not employable
22.42% MCA graduates are having the skills to get a job
46.82% B.Tech graduates are skilful
Only 46.59% MBA has the skills & knowledge to get a job

Source: India Skill Report 2021


Human resources is a field that doesn’t require a specific degree only, specially theoretical and education degree. You can easily get into the profession without any specialised degree, but without a degree too, if you know the job. Even studying plain graduation or any other subject like, economic or psychology can help well since much of the job requires managing people.

Degree is nothing but a piece of paper to certify that you have completed an education program under some educational institute. A degree holder is not necessarily skilled.

Please note that that a degree is not about skills, knowledge or getting a job.

On the other hand Skill gives you the practical knowledge and analytical skill to manage the day to day activity of your job role.

Free Demo of our HR Training

Interact with HR professionals with years of experience & find out the best Classroom, HR training in any city in India, that best suited for your career.

So what should I do?

If you aspire to become an HR Executive or HR Manager, an MBA is NOT mandatory though that can help you well in future growth and prospects.

However, no need to rush to get your MBA degree right now. You can get your bachelor’s degree (may be a plain graduation also will do), learn the HR practical skill, get equipped with different HR day to function and start working as an HR officer or HR executive for a few years.

Then after gaining few years of experience in HR, go to B-school and admit in Executive level program or distance learning program, without quitting your job.

Learn practical HR function to make yourself eligible and capable for any entry level HR job. Please note Google, Youtube is good place to gather information, but the worst and the last choice to have practical learning.

Free Demo of our HR Training

Interact with HR professionals with years of experience & find out the best Classroom, HR training in any city in India, that best suited for your career.

Theoretical learning will not be of any help, while competing for a HR job. You must look for some classroom or online (Live, Interactive, not recorded) training option, that will give you enough opportunities to practice and to get real life exposure to master the HR functions.

There are six macro level HR functions you must master yourself into, if you aspire to become a successful top notch HR professional and want to see yourself as Head of HR, after few years.

  • Talent Acquisition and Recruitment
  • Compensation and Benefits, Payroll Management
  • Statutory Compliance, Labour Laws, Industrial Relation
  • Performance Management, Talent Management, Training & Development
  • HR Operation, HR Administration
  • Strategic HR, Business Partner HR, Organisation Development, Employee Management

There are couple of human resources certifications courses that will help you to stand out to employers and build on the practical knowledge required to get a HR job without any MBA degree.

HR Growth Path

HR Recruiter / Talent Acquisition Executive / Recruitment Coordinator
HR Officer
HR Executive
Assistant HR Manager
HR Manager
Senior HR Manager
Associate Vice President HR
Executive Vice President HR
Regional Head - HR
Zonal Head – HR
Country Head – HR
HR Director
Department Head / Head of HR

Conclusion: Why are Skills given more important nowadays?

In today’s time, practical skills like “Doing the job” is more important to get a job that having a Degree with a piece of Paper. Industrial skills play the most important role when applying for a job or getting a job. No matter how much your resume is full of relevant and higher degrees, it is your skills that help you to get a job.

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