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4 New Trends In The Recruitment Process In 2019

In 2018 all of us dealing with HR process and recruitment discussed a lot about AI, HR analytics, blockchain, and automation. In this year also these factors will still continue to be the mainstay in the hiring process. But obviously, there will be some new additions which will have a great impact on 2019’s recruitment technology. It is likely we will witness more developments in data analytics, AI and machine learning too which will transform human resource recruitment and management sector. No doubt HR training institutes will also keep a tab on these emerging trends in the recruitment process and upgrade their HR Certification Courses as per the market demands.

HR Trends

However, let me highlight some important factors that will influence this year’s HR and recruitment trends:

1. There will be noticeable growth in recruitment marketing technology. Digital platforms will be more in use to reach candidates. SEO, email marketing and Whatsapp will play a greater role in engaging and retaining talents.

2. Artificial intelligence will gain immense popularity in improving the candidate experience. Application of AI will increase productivity in the recruitment process and on other hands; it will also reduce time and improve candidate experience as it will make job search simpler and applying for a job quicker and easier.

3. Furthermore, AI and machine learning will be more widely used in employee background verification which will make the entire process smarter and faster ensuring accurate results. Previously we used to depend on external agencies for employee background verification that automatically involved more cost and time. Now it will become more effective in every respect.

4. HR professionals will henceforth depend more on Application Tracking System and look for suitable candidate’s profile from their databank stored on the cloud. This will make the recruitment process simpler, easier and less expensive. Candidates will also be saved from the trouble of carrying their resumes to the interviews they attend anywhere and everywhere.

All these new technologies and trends will surely influence the HR courses also to make the HR professionals in screening candidates in a paperless process and encourage them more to go for Skype interviews. All these modern trends will set recruitment activities fast and useful. No doubt it will also affect the way the employers deal the employees with an additional influence on Payroll Management system.

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