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How to Make Your Campus Recruitment Drives a Great Success

Most companies these days encourage recruiting from college campuses. As an HR professional, you may also need to go for campus recruitment programs as per your organization’s hiring policy. But recruiting diverse talents from the colleges is not enough that might ensure hiring success. You are supposed to further focus on setting innovative strategies. To build a perfect relationship with the new joiners to make them perform and drive your organization towards the business objective.

Consider the following important tips while planning a targeted college recruitment program which you may not get in a traditional training program for HR. I am sure this will positively influence your company’s operational excellence.

Expand Recruiting Grounds

Quite often companies recruit candidates from the same college or university as they have a formal tie-up with such institutes. But this prohibits you to get diverse talents. If you look for candidates from other campuses not listed with your organization you may get candidates with a wider range of talents. Even if they are not the cream candidates always, there is a fair chance that these mediocre candidates also may likely turn out to be the assets of your organization as they would be keener to prove themselves.

Involve Senior Managers in Your Recruitment Team

Campus recruitment drives

HR courses speak a lot about employee relationship management. Try to build the relationship from the initial stage of campus recruitment. Invite some of your senior managers to participate in the campus interviews. This creates a great impact among the students and they become more respectful towards your company’s work culture and develop a bonding from day one of their work.

Implement an Engaging Work Culture

As you have learned in your HR certification courses, an organization’s success largely depends on performing candidates at every level of the hierarchy. However, a few people on top cannot make the organization steadily grow and reach out to its targets. To spread the motivation even to the bottom line you need to encourage the direct recruits from the campuses too. Prioritize and enforce a healthy work culture where a fresher also feels he is an important member of the team.

Try out these strategies and watch the notable changes. Wishing you great success in your next campus recruitment program!

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