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After Graduation which career option should we choose

The emotion of happiness doesn’t stay longer for crossing a milestone of “Being Graduate” in our life as the emotion of worry rises up wondering what next?

Almost 80% of fresh graduates are facing the same dilemma every year after the completion of graduation.

It’s true that a huge number of career options are available today but option comes with some eligibility criteria as well.

If you want to become a Doctor? Need to be from the medical background!

If you want to become an Engineer? Need to be from an engineering background!

If a Chartered Accountant? Need to be a commerce student!

If a Lawyer? LLB background!

If a Developer? IT Proficiency!

For a Government Service Holder? Multiple competitive exams need to cracked

And the list continues with many more domain-specific criteria & percentage..

What if you don’t belong from any specific domain & possess specific percentages.!

With your graduation, you are one step ahead in your professional life & it’s extremely important to choose the most suitable career option.

At this time, often we are confused among the decision to take a job or to go for higher studies?

Now If we decides to go for job next comes the question that “Can we get opt a prestigious job after graduation without domain-specific master degree or Management studies?”

Answer is – Yes We Can!

There are two career options which do not require any domain-specific background or technical knowledge are HR Profession & Sales Profession.

Irrespective of any background BA, BBA, BCOM, BCA, LLB, B.TECH you can opt for these two options.

If the technical fields don’t really inspire you that much, you can opt for a career which will encourage you towards the creative side of yours.

A Human Resource Professional is responsible to manage the most valuable asset of any company i.e. the employees. They work for the advancement of both the employees and the organization.

A Sales professional is responsible for selling products or services to potential customers & fulfilling the targets by solving challenges related to the products.

As the sales profession is absolutely target specific most of the professionals used to get suffocated with the target pressure & change their domain to HR Career options or other in search of job satisfaction.

But HR Professional never comes to Sales Profession.!

Nowadays HR Career is having most prestigious job opportunities and high salary packages with full of job satisfaction.

No matter from whichever domain, stream, the department you have completed your graduation. You can still become a Human Recourse Management Professional without a Management degree of MBA or without any competitive exams only by enrolling yourself in any short term courses for HR Professional or Human Recourse certification courses.

From Human Recourse Management course one can learn about different modules of HR Recruitment, Payroll Management, Performance Management, Training & Development, Employee Engagement & Grievance Handling, etc.

Practical training on above-mentioned modules will enhance the HR Skills of an individual & help to grow as a Human Resource Professional.

One successful HR Professional addresses all aspects of HR which require to run the entire employment lifecycle of every employee starting from recruiting and employee to termination. HR is also responsible to plan, direct, and coordinate the administrative functions of an organization.

The decision you take in the early phase of your life will eventually create an impact throughout your life & going to decide how will you grow & stand in the future.

Decision should be taken absolutely wisely so that in future you don’t repent & look forward to change your career path in search of Job satisfaction.

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