What Is Company Culture & Is It Important

By the word company culture, we mean the amalgamation of knowledge inherited from our ancestors or we can say from the environment we grew up in. Culture varies from person to person but the ultimate motive is to be in discipline and maintain those rules and regulations to survive in a society. Culture is a system that shares a large number of people in the form of knowledge or in the form of a set of rules to lead life happily.

It is rightly said that that is education starts at home, and it’s so true. The way we behave with people throughout our life, not only behavior but also our positive attitude towards life begins from our home. Home and family is a place where we get the maximum of the values and teachings which we called Culture in one word. It has an effect on us till we die.

Our school life and college life in each and every phase helps us to grow with all positivity and with respect.

In the same way when we reach our professional life and join any organization there also this Culture matters a lot. And it actually decides the future of the company to exist in the run. The company culture defines the set of values, goals, and attitudes of the owner. And maintaining discipline in the organization with utmost honesty and in a strict manner. Mentioning the word strictly, because the culture of the company influences the whole organization from top to bottom. A company is a place where an employee spends almost 9-10 hours of his or her daily life so that actually affects his or her professional life as well.

The importance of the company’s culture has been felt in almost all the major spheres of an organization. Starting from recruitment to retention of good employees in the company as well as the performance of the employees.

This is why company culture is given so much importance let’s see:-

  • The maximum number of job seekers always investigate company culture, before going for any sort of company for earning their livelihood. It’s their right to check the culture. Because they will be spending almost a day for a long period of time.
  • Human Resource Department plays an important role in this genre. Because the HR of the company is someone who actually maintains the discipline in a strong way after the boss. HR rectifies HR policies accordingly to cope with every situation.
  • Company culture helps an employee to grow and get satisfaction in his or her job which eventually makes them happy.
  • Company culture does not always mean being strict and full of rules and regulations. If a company provides some kind of other benefits to the employees like mediclaim or a short trip that’s enough to retain the employees.

Company Culture and its importance:

  • Company Culture is also important for the mental health of the employee. Because working in a company doesn’t mean only salary and leaves. It is far beyond all this because the environment you are in is also determining your behavior towards other people in your life.
  • Suppose for instance there is two company. Company A and Company B, now company A have 50 employees. And they are just working but a hell of a lot of complaints are there. They cannot enjoy their family life because they are almost always bound up with loads of work. Only one thing is given which is Salary. Now Company B has only 15 employees. They do work, they have a good rapport with everyone around. They are satisfied not only with job roles but also with the company. Salary also gives over here. Now where is the difference, the difference is in the company culture, their way of treating the employee is different. In company B the employees don’t have to work after office time overs. They spend their leisure time with family. Company B knows how to treat the employees with fun leisure time. And yes with goodies during any employee engagement sessions. Here Company A fails.
Importance of company culture

So the above discussion, states that company culture plays an important role. In the survival, because workers tend to enjoy having fun while working or serving their organization. No one can work under pressure or in the ill cultured company, it’s suffocative.

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  1. Hey there! What an informative article you have. I also want to share that company culture is essential as it’s the bedrock of each company. A strong company culture understands that people are the most valuable asset an organization has. It also acknowledges that protecting its people will help ensure long-term success. Conversely, weak or non-existent company culture can result in employee dissatisfaction and turnover, lessened productivity, and lowered profits.

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