How to convert a negative team member into a positive one

In an organization when we work we are surrounded by many kinds of personalities and team members who have different backgrounds, and different cultures. And obviously, a different mindset that hardly matches anyone in the company. Still, we work together and we always maintain it. This is not only in our professional life but also it’s the same scenario in our personal life.
Being mature personalities we should always maintain all these. Now when we are in the company and one of our team members is out a negative personality which creates negative vibes among the employees, it becomes suffocative.

A negative employee can actually poison the working spirit of other team members in a company faster than anything.

So now let us see how we can convert that negative team member into a positive one:-

  • Firstly try to find out why that particular person behaves in that way. Because everyone wants to be happy then why that person is having so many negative vibes around others. It can be a personal issue that is affecting him or her or any other issues. Try to discuss maybe it might help him or her to have a positive outlook on everything.
  • Don’t just discuss the problems every time with him or her try to approach for solutions as well. Don’t always advise them for being positive but show them how their changed behavior can create a positive atmosphere.
  • Approach HR Department for some activities to be done where you all can include him or her and make them feel important for a while.
  • Try to be a good listener to the concerned employee. It helps them to share their part easily, and this way you will understand why that employee is negative. A good listener is always a good problem solver and is liked by many.
  • Be with that member in thick and thins so that the employee can feel his or her importance in the society. Sometimes human beings isolate themselves and that too creates a negative personality. To be more friendly and try to understand before solving it.
  • Create a positive environment in the office. Greet each other with full energy and a big smile which will definitely help that person to be more interactive with others.

Discuss the negative traits in a positive way:

  • Discuss the negative traits in a positive way so that they should not hurt her emotions or ego. Give examples of others and be kind with words that will make them feel good.
  • Sometimes being strict with someone is always good to save others in a company. If that person is not at all changing or there is no sign of regret in him or her then straightaway it can be said to leave it might indirectly help them to improve their negative personality.
  • Discussing with Human Resources Department can surely help to initiate many different types of rules and regulations for them.
  • Arrange some training, meditation programs, and many other positive things for them which will not only help them, to boost their knowledge but also it will become a part of employee engagement. Here HR plays a very important role.

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