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Three best practices of recruitment that can help your company effectively attract top talent were established by the experts we consulted with for this article. During the entire recruiting process, it is crucial to encourage consistent communication between recruiters, HR practitioners, hiring managers, and job applicants. Effective communication includes publishing accurate work details, reacting quickly to job applicants (whether it’s a yes, a no, or a simple update), and communicating each candidate’s status to all hiring parties.

Hum, Sing, Scream,

Employee recruiting is a continuous operation, occurring many times during a company’s lifecycle. As such, to attract and recruit top talent when needed, an employer should brand their hiring process.

Mullings suggests that businesses use the Hum, Sing, Shout Approach to stand out from other hiring businesses. And attract the kind of candidates they have in mind:

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  • Hum: There should be a low “hum” on the market for your recruitment brand. What this suggests is that the business is “always on.” That is, on social media sites that ideally suit your business and industry, you promote, network, and use suitable branding strategies for your business.
  • Sing: Your business and your efforts to find qualified talent are clear to job seekers during this stage. You’re not trying to fill the vacancy immediately, you’re looking at a larger and deeper volume of applicants instead.
  • Scream: You’re ready for hire. To rapidly fill the open role, you are using social media, job boards, and your network. Be sure to explain why someone wants to join your team. And how they profit from collaborating with your company on the communication networks you are using.

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